About the League

The Toronto Inline Hockey League (Toronto Inline) has been serving the needs of Toronto's recreational and competitive roller hockey players since 1993. Our success has been based in large part to providing a clean, fun, and flexible environment in which players and teams can safely enjoy themselves.

Toronto Inline is Toronto's largest adult roller hockey league, with 40 teams and over 400 players in 2016. Our size allows us to offer divisions at all skill levels.

Toronto Inline Features

Three Adult Leagues to Choose From:

Summer League: Play once a week from May to August (Mon/Tues/Thurs) (Ball Only)

Fall League: Play once a week from October to December (Saturdays) (Ball & Puck Option)

Winter League: Play once a week from January to April (Saturdays) (Ball & Puck Option)

Flexible Scheduling:

Already playing soccer or lacrosse? No problem. Let us know what nights work for you.

All divisions are 100% No Body Checking.

Toronto Inline is a No Body Checking league to facilitate clean play and allows any adult to join. Safety is our primary concern.

Divisions for all skill levels.

Multiple skill levels each season to accommodate any skill level.

Goalie equipment provided if needed.

Equipment for goalies playing in our Ball Games (Not Puck) is available through the league commissioner.

All games officiated by certified referee(s).

All regular season and playoff games have certified official(s) to keep the game clean.

All Division Finals are a "Best of Two" series.

If tied after two games, a sudden death overtime, then a shootout determines the winner. Summer League Only.

Industrial strength bench fans to keep players cool in the hot summer months.

Water and Complimentary Gatorade provided at all games.

Each player receives:

Toronto Inline Jersey (Individual players only, formed teams must supply their own jerseys)

Complimentary Gatorade

Certified Official(s)

Free Warm-Up Balls/Pucks

League Insurance

Flexible Scheduling (No Long Weekend Games)(Summer League Only)

Policies and Rules


Teams are required to wear matching jerseys and each player must have a clearly visible, unique number.

Toronto Inline only provides jerseys for individual players, not formed teams. If you are a formed team and require jerseys, please let us know when registering.

Substitute/Non-Member Policy

Singles teams may only use league members for substitutes (players already on a league team).

Substitutes will be allowed as follows:

  • Regular season games only

  • No substitutes allowed in the playoffs (Exception: Goalies).

  • A maximum of three substitutes per team will be permitted to play in any given game. Teams can only use substitute players if they have 6 or less of their own players present at the start of their game. If you have 7 or more players present then no substitute players allowed.

  • All substitutes are required to fill out and sign a waiver prior to playing (if they haven't already done so).

  • Any substitute players that are used for a game must be approved by both team reps prior to the game starting. This is to help ensure fair play and sportsmanship and so that no unfair advantages are given to any team over another.

  • Playoff Eligibility

    To be eligible for the playoffs, players must participate in at least 50% of their team's exhibition/regular season games.

    Locker Rooms

    Please do not leave valuables in the locker rooms. Toronto Inline will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.

    Games Cancelled Due to Events Outside of Toronto Inline's Control

    In the event of a situation beyond the league's control, such as a strike by arena staff or arena damage not caused by the league, Toronto Inline will endeavor to reschedule all games if possible. If such an event requires the cancellation of games that can not reasonably be rescheduled, Toronto Inline will refund each team $100 for each game that isn't rescheduled.

    Drugs and Alcohol

    As required by our insurance policy and the law, no player is permitted to drink or use drugs anywhere on arena property.

    Refund Policy

    Refunds for Leagues will be provided as follows:

  • Before the Season Begins: 100% of your payment refunded

  • Before your 3rd game: 50% of your payment refunded

  • After your 3rd game: No refunds

  • Disputing a League Decision

    Any player wishing to dispute or appeal a suspension or other league decision must do so by email or in writing. We have a 24 hour policy in place as well so please wait that allotted time before contacting Toronto Inline.


    Toronto Inline uses the Official Rule Book of Canada Inline with several modifications made to improve the game in a recreational setting.

  • All players and teams must act in a mature manner when participating in Toronto Inline activities, including games, tournaments and/or other league functions. Players and teams agree that any behavior which the management of Toronto Inline shall deem to jeopardize Toronto Inline's ability to lease ice or otherwise conduct its business will result in immediate expulsion from the league.

  • Players agree to reimburse Toronto Inline in full, within 10 days of notice, for any property damage for which the player is responsible as determined by Toronto Inline or the team will be expelled from the league immediately.

  • Toronto Inline is a recreational league, and as such, may make additions, deletions or modifications to the Canada Inline rules and these amendments (as they apply to Toronto Inline) as necessary and without any notice.

  • Teams must provide the league with at least 24 hours advance notice in writing of any forfeits or inability to field a full team (at least 3 skaters plus a goalie) for their games. This is so the league may make alternate arrangements in such cases in order to avoid lost games. If a team fails to provide the league with advance notice of a forfeit more than one time, that team may face disciplinary action including suspension or expulsion from the league.

  • As of May 1, 2017 Toronto Inline will no longer allow teams to carry part time players or players splitting one roster spot. Each league member that signs up with a team will be considered a full time player and occupy one complete roster spot by themselves. Our regular playoff eligibility policy is also in effect where as any full time player that does not play 50% of the teams total games for the season will not be eligible for playoffs or a refund of any kind. Teams must submit their complete team roster of all full time players to the league by the third league game and this is what will be used for the duration of the season. If there are any concerns about this please see a league owner and we would be happy to clarify and assist.

  • General Rule Modifications

  • All divisions are NO BODY CHECKING.

  • Automatic icing in all divisions. (Ball League Only)

  • The last minute of every game will be stop time if the goal differential is two or less.

  • Each team is allowed one 30-second timeout per game.

  • Goalies are not required to wear inline skates and may instead wear running shoes if they choose.

  • Sticks with plastic blades are not permitted.

  • "In the Crease Rule": If a player has interfered with the goalie without being pushed, the goal shall be disallowed.

  • Penalty Rule Modifications

  • Minor penalties are 3 minutes and major penalties are 7 minutes.

  • 3 penalties (or one major penalty) in a single game will result in an automatic game ejection.

  • Any fighting major penalty will result in an automatic 2-game minimum suspension.

  • A league committee will review all suspensions.

  • Any misconduct penalty (game, match or gross) will count for a minimum of 10 minutes to a player's total penalty minutes (in addition to any other penalties that may have resulted in the misconduct).

  • Players accumulating 30 total penalty minutes shall receive an automatic one game suspension; players accumulating 45 penalty minutes shall receive an automatic three game suspension; players accumulating 60 penalty minutes shall be suspended indefinitely from the league. These suspensions can NOT be appealed.

  • Players ejected from a game must immediately return to their dressing room and change out of their equipment before returning to watch the game. Failure to do so may result in an additional suspension or a team forfeit of the game.

  • Intentionally spitting, spilling water or throwing objects on the arena surface will result in a misconduct and/or a suspension, at the leagues discretion.

  • The referees and convenor have the ability to "call a game" if the game gets out of hand.

  • A minor penalty may be assessed at the start of the game if a team is unable to start on time.

  • The league may penalize, eject and/or suspend any player who is verbally abusive towards any referee, convener, scorekeeper or any other League or Arena employee, or any player or spectator.

  • Playoff Rule Modifications

  • Tied playoff games (except the Finals) shall have a five-minute, running time, Sudden Death overtime period. If there is still a tie after five minutes, there will be a three-man shootout, with each team's players shooting simultaneously. If after the first three shooters, there is still a tie, the shootout will become sudden death. The rest of the team must each take one shot before anyone will be allowed to shoot twice.

  • Finals Format (Best of Two Series):

    1. No overtime in either game.
    2. If, after the second game, the teams are tied (either each team won one game or both games were ties), a five-minute, running time, Sudden Death tiebreaker will ensue to determine the winner. If no goals are scored during the tiebreaker, there will be a five-man shootout, with each team's players shooting simultaneously. If after the first five shooters, there is still a tie, the shootout will become sudden death. The rest of the team must each take one shot before anyone will be allowed to shoot twice.

  • Ties in the regular season standings will be broken as follows:

    1. Most Wins
    2. Win-Loss record between tied teams
    3. Goal Differential (Goals Scored less Goals Against)

  • Playoff Format, 4 Team Divisions:

    • Semifinals: 1st vs. 4th; 2nd vs. 3rd
    • Finals: Semifinal Winners

  • Playoff Format, 6 Team Divisions:

    • Quarterfinals: 1st vs 6th; 2nd vs 5th; 3rd vs. 4th
    • Semifinals: Highest seeded quarterfinal winner gets bye into Final; the other 2 Quarterfinal Winners will play in the Semifinal
    • Finals: Highest seeded Quarterfinal Winner vs. Semifinal Winner

    Required Equipment

    Players not wearing all required equipment will not be permitted to play.

    Player Equipment

    Goaltender Equipment

    Please Note: Plastic stick blades are not permitted.