Week 9 – Saturday December 8th

Our Beer Store gift card promotion this week was strictly for our team reps as it was their appreciation week for all that they do. So thanks again to Mike Panigas, Brent Henry, Paul Hagans, Csaba Czako and Felix Rivas! So the gift card went to whomever of these great reps achieved the most points in their game this week. A bunch of them got on the scoresheet but there could be only 1 winner and that was…….. Felix Rivas from Rico Suave with a 3 point effort! Great game out there fellas!

Week 8 – Saturday December 1st

Our Beer Store gift card promotion this week was for the player who recorded the most points in their game. We’ve had some tricky ones along the way but this one was nice and simple. It didn’t take me long to find a winner as Steve Borenstein absolutely torched the league this week for a crazy 4 goals & 4 assists for 8 points! No one else was even close so Steve must have really wanted that gift card as he was on a mission! This great game has won you some free beer so enjoy and what a game wow!

3 Stars of the Week

1st Star – Adam Landan/Steve Borostein (F)(Watson’s Tinder Date) – I like to mix it up and pick different players winning our weekly starts BUT that can only be done to a certain point because there’s no denying recognition when a dynamic duo as this one puts up a crazy, mind boggling 12 points between them on the teams 9 total goals and there was only 1 of those goals that didn’t have Adam or Steve recording at least the goal or an assist so WOW! Tier 1 is going to be in a world of trouble if these 2 snipers can’t get stopped and teams better start game planning and strategizing accordingly or we may as well hand the Stanley Cup over to them now haha! Can’t wait to see how this all plays out!

2nd Star – Nick Bozhko (F)(Rico Suave & Ninjas) – Nothing like a couple of hat tricks on game day to really get the offense going for the team. Not just 1 but 2 for that matter as Nick lit the lamp 3 times in EACH of his games to pace with way and help secure a couple of victories heading into the playoffs here. It was good enough to help Rico get the “W” but unfortunately the Ninjas team fell in a shootout so it would have taken 1 more goal that game to get the job done but regardless an impressive effort on this particular day. Well done!

3rd Star – Kevin Rawlley (G)(Rico Suave) – With his squad battling for 2nd place in the division Kevin stepped up and turned in a huge performance while only allowing 1 GA to lead the way and his boys cruised to a 5-1 win over the Knights to jump them back into the 2 seed with 1 game left to go. I’m sure the boys appreciated you shutting it down on the back end and games like this will help you guys give Men with Wood a good run come playoff time. Good luck the rest of the way!

Week 7 – Saturday November 17th

Our Beer Store gift card promotion this week was for the player who could do the impossible. You had to record at least 2 goals, register at least 2 assists AND help your team get the “W” in their game. We’ve ran this contest in the past and it took 2 to 3 weeks to even find a winner but this time we surprisingly had 2 guys complete the feat on the first try which is amazing. So Congrats are in order to Vahab Kamranpoor from Men with Wood & Adam Landen from Watson’s Tinder Date! Unfortunatley we can’t have 2 winners so we went to the dreaded picking a name from a hat tiebreaker and our lucky winner for this week was………. Adam Landen! Well done and we’ll have a nice gift card waiting for you next time you’re at the rink. Awesome game!

3 Stars of the Week

1st Star – Steve Devekos (G)(Watson’s Tinder Date) – After 7 weeks of hockey the 6ix Kings have finally been handed a regulation lost and this was enough to jump Watson’s Tinder Date into 1st place! Steve had a huge date at the office which is his goal crease and with this exceptional play was able to shut down the Kings and their high prolific offense; holding them to only 3 goals against which is phenomenal especially for a 3 on 3 Tier 1 game. Steve seems in mid season form and ready for the playoffs. With games like this his boys will be a hard team to knock off and I’m sure they can almost taste the league championship but there’s still work to be done. Great game Steve and good luck the rest of the way!

2nd Star – Adam Landen (F)(Watson’s Tinder Date) – I suppose winning the gift card this week wasn’t enough as Adam also took this weeks 2nd star of the week award! We can’t say enough about how much he has dominated this season and single handidly (almost) has taken this squad all the way up the 1st place in Tier 1. They’ve been 2nd for the better part of the season but after knocking off the first place 6ix Kings team this week they also leap over them into 1st. Adam with his sidekick Steve have been running a muck around Stephen Leacock Arena and lighting the lamp at an alarming rate. Another clutch performance this week and another 4 point game to your record. Nicely done indeed!

3rd Star – Vahab Kamranpoor (F)(Men with Wood) – After falling just short on the weekly gift card prize we do offer a small consolation prize by awarding Vahab this weeks 3rd star of the week award! His 2 goals & assists for 4 points were huge in helping his team stay perfect on the season and lock up the 1st place slot in the standings with 2 games left to play in the regular season. Now they can focus on the playoffs coming up in a few weeks knowing the 1 seed is locked in and continue to focus on team chemistry and having fun along the way. Good game V!

Week 6 – Saturday November 10th

Our Beer Store gift card promotion this week was for the goalie who could carry the longest shutout streak to start their game. Believe it or not we actually had 3 goalies carry a shutout streak into the SECOND period so hadn’t even given up one by halftime which is phenomenal but we can only have 1 winner and that award goes to Andrew Packer from Roller Busey Express who didn’t allow his first goal until there was 7:20 left in the game! That extraordinary feat has helped Andrew win this weeks gift card well done buddy!

3 Stars of the Week

1st Star – Steve Devekos & Andrew Packer (G)(Knights & Roller Busey) – This weeks first star award is a tie for the amazing display of goaltending put on by these gentlemen. These two long time puckstoppers from Toronto Inline battling back and forth literally all game long and it was still scoreless at the break. The shooters were getting quite frustrating and it seemed like whomever would score the first goal would win on this day. When all the dust had settled and the final buzzer went the score was 3-1 Busey but one was an empty netter so a combined 3 goals against on the afternoon for this one left everyone super impressed and as mentioned a well deserved first star of the week honors. Keep up the great guys!!!

2nd Star – Karl Johnston (F)(Ninjas) – Similar to Nick’s day it was the one and only Karl who was also in on ALL his teams scoring recording 4 Goals & 1 Assist for an impressive 5 points however he would have needed to double that tally as his boys fell 10-5 to the stellar Watson’s Tinder Date team. He really had Jay Parhar’s number on the day tickling the twine twice in each period plus assisting on the other goal to first time goal scorer this season and long time Toronto Inline vet Ivan Miranovich. Solid game Karl and let’s keep it going the rest of the way and see if the Ninjas can’t just pull off some playoff magic this season as the franchise is long overdue for another championship!

3rd Star – Nick Beanland (F)(Rico Suave) – In a tight checking, low scoring game goals were at a premium but that didn’t stop Nick from getting in on all the teams scoring recording 2 Goals & 1 Assist for 3 points but it wasn’t enough as his team fell to the first place Men with Wood team by a score of 5-3. Nick who is usually relied on to provide some secondary scoring for the squad really stepped up his game and left it all out on the floor as he was dangling guys all over the place. This standout performance by Nick was enough to help him earn this weeks 3rd star award. Nicely done!

Week 5 – Saturday November 3rd

Our Beer Store gift card promotion this week was for the player who scored the most goals… nice and simple! We had a bunch of guys records hat tricks which was super impressive but there was only ONE who notched a 4 goal game and that gentlemen was none other than Steve Finkle from the 6ix Kings! He had a field day on the poor Ninjas and this huge effort has won him our weekly gift card so well done man!

3 Stars of the Week

1st Star – Erik Henry (G)(Henry’s Hero’s) – It’s not often a goalie who takes an L during their game is a weekly star; let alone a 1st star BUT anyone who witnessed Erik’s performance on Saturday was left in amazement as he made SEVERAL and that’s an understatement really 5 star saves all game long! Sure he may have let in 7 but he must have faced no less than 50 shots including several breakaways and 2 on 1’s as his D really hung him out to dry all game long. His team only lost by 3 but without his efforts and unbelievable play it would have been much worse. Once the roster can tighten up that D they should be tough to knock off with Erik playing like that. Amazing game Erik and a well deserved 1st star shout out this week! Keep it up!

2nd Star – Steve Borenstein (F)(Watson’s Tinder Date) – Newcomer to Toronto Inline Steve played in his second career game and has adapted quickly apparently recording 3 Goals & 1 Assist for a dazzling 4 point game and his team to a convincing 7-4 win over Henry’s Hero’s. He seems to have good chemistry with team mate and friend Adam Landen and when those 2 are clicking this group of guys will be extremely hard to defeat. The rest of the season should be very exciting!

3rd Star – Mike Nguyen (F)(Men with Wood) – In an action packed back and forth game between these 2 Tier two rivals Mike came to play and finished the game with 3 Goals & 1 Assist leading the charge and ensure his squad stays perfect on the season. Mike showed great hustle up and down the floor and made several nice plays so it appeared there was no slowing him down on this day. Nice game!

Week 4 – Saturday October 27th

Our Beer Store gift card promotion this week was for the player who scored a goal CLOSEST to the buzzer to end a period. There were actually several guys who managed to score in the last minute which was cool but no one cut it as close as Vahab Kamranpoor from Henry’s Hero’s who squeaked one in past the tendy with only 5 seconds left! Great timing on that goal and it helped you earn a free gift card well done!

3 Stars of the Week

1st Star – Felix Rivas (F)(Ninjas) – Felix was a point producing machine this past weekend dishing out assists and snapping in goals all game long. When all the dust had settled he ended up with an impressive 5 points and led the charge offensively in a 9-4 Ninjas win which was big as it was their first of the season and hopefully starts a nice win streak for the squad. To go along with his stellar offensive play he shut it down defensively too breaking up a bunch of 2 on 1’s and helping Kevin keep the GAA in check to a stellar 4.00 GAA which for a 3 on 3 Tier 1 game of Inline is very good. For getting the job done on both ends of the floor Felix is out 1st star of the week; keep up the great work!

2nd Star – Andrew Packer (G)(Roller Busey Express) – In a huge tier 2 battle the long rivalry between Busey and Rico added another chapter and the game went right down to the wire finally ending in a shootout. Andrew made several brilliant stops throughout the game and he did what every team asks of their goalie which is giving them a chance to win. Then when it mattered most he stopped 3 of 4 shootout attempts to help secure the W for the team and move them to within 1 point of 2nd place Rico. Like many seasons it appears this race will come right down to the last game of the season. Well done!

3rd Star – Paul Karam (F)(Rico Suave/Ninjas) – What an explosive day for Paul who tallied an incredible 5 goals in his 2 games including many highlight reel ones! He must have had his protein bar before the games as he was flying all over the rink although sometimes getting a little too overzealous as his 3 minor penalties were a slight kink in the armour to go along with all those goals. Discipline is needed to help your team win especially in close games although burying that many in the other net more than helps make up for it I’m sure. Solid games man!

Week 3 – Saturday October 20th

Our Beer Store gift card promotion this week was for the goalie who recorded the best GAA of the week and this was only eligible for goalies playing for their own team so sub goalies don’t count. We had a lot of amazing performances this week between the pipes but the best one went to Bobby Glatter from the 6ix Kings who held Henry’s Hero’s to only 2 goals against and in a 3 on 3 Tier 1 game that is super impressive so well done and this fantastic game has won you a gift card. Congrats

3 Stars of the Week

1st Star – Kevek Rieder (F)(Watson’s Tinder Date) – In our most impressive performance of the week it was Kevek who went crazy tallying not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4.. but 5 Goals plus an assist for a 6 point game and leading his team to a 9-4 win over the Chris Bolle(less) Ninjas team. If these kind of games keep up other teams will need to take notice and start shadowing Kevek around the rink as that can single handily win a team a game. Very nicely done and good luck the rest of the way!

2nd Star – Steve Finkle (F)(6ix Kings) – Another huge offensive game this week this time coming from Steve who recorded an outstanding 4 Goals & 1 Assist en route to helping his squad solidify a nice 8-2 victory of Henry’s Hero’s. This moves Steve up to 3rd in scoring in the division only 2 points off the leader and let’s see if he’s got more games like this up his sleeve down the road.

3rd Star – Ray Bramberger (F)(Roller Busey Express) – The poor, shorthanded Knights team never stood a chance this week and Ray took full advantage of that scoring 4 goals and recording 1 assist for a huge 5 point game in helping his boys roll to an easy 10-1 victory. I’m sure the Knights will be looking for revenge later in the season but on this day Ray had the last laugh good game!

Week 2 – Saturday October 13th

Our Beer Store gift card promotion this week was for the player who recorded the most assists in their game and it was a super tight race. I checked over all the scoresheets and we had tons of guys with 2 apples each but it was the one and only and repeat winner Karl Johnston who notched a day high 3 assists to earn himself yet another gift card. Well done indeed and give someone else a turn would ya?!

3 Stars of the Week

1st Star – Lucas Grech (F)(Knights) – In a super impressive showing of endurance the shorthanded Knights played the full game with no subs and Lucas recorded 3 goals & 1 assist and was in on all his teams goalie despite not taking a shift off to re-energize the whole game. His efforts almost single handily helped his squad at least record a point but ultimately they fell 5-4 in a hard fought battle vs Rico Suave. Nicely done!

2nd Star – Brent Henry (F)(Henry’s Hero’s) – Our seasoned Inline veteran Brent played his first regular season game of the year and came out flying with a hat trick in a highly competitive Tier 1 game but apparently needed a few more tallies still as his team came up on the short end of a 7-5 defeat. Great first game Brent and keep the momentum going!

3rd Star – Bobby Glatter (G)(6ix Kings) – After playing for the Ninjas last Winter and then signing with the 6ix Kings in the off-season Bobby came back to haunt his old squad making several 5 star saves and shutting down the door in the second period to help his team improve to 2& 0 on the season with a sweet 7-4 win over the Ninjas. The 6ix Kings are off to a perfect start and let’s see how far Bobby will take these guys this season. Good game dude!

Week 1 – Saturday October 6th

Our Beer Store gift card promotion this week was for the player who recorded the fastest goal to start a period and after reviewing the scoresheets our winner is Karl Johnston from the Ninjas who scored 41 seconds into the 1st period vs Henry’s Hero’s and that was our quickest tally of the week! Congrats Karl on your quick goal and enjoy your free beer!

3 Stars of the Week

1st Star – Adam Landen (F)(Watson’s Tinder Date) – Making his Fall league debut it was a seamless transition from concrete to sport court for Adam who recorded a league high 5 points (2G & 3A) and did all he could to help his team score a week 1 victory. Unfortunately they came up just short and lost by 2 but to no fault of Adam’s who was in on every goal his team scored and carried over his Summer league Tier 1 skills from the Glazers squad over to our Fall league quite nicely. Great game Adam!

2nd Star – Christian Dragani (F)(6ix Kings) – In a huge week 1 tier 1 match-up the 6ix Kings and Watson’s Tinder Date were trading goals back and forth all game long; especially in the 2nd period and Christian almost single handily took the game over with a hat trick including a couple of beauties to help ensure a victory. Well done!

3rd Star – Steve Devekos (G)(Men with Wood) – Steve had our best goaltending performance of the week notching a stellar 2.00 GAA and starting the season on the right foot for his squad. Lots of timely saves helped him backstop his team to a 5-2 win over the Knights franchise!