Week 10 – March 31

The beer store gift card promotion for our last week of the regular season is always “Team Rep Appreciation Week”. So whichever team rep tallied the most points is the winner. Surprisingly the winner only had 2 points this time and it was a tie between Csaba Czako from Think with your Stick and Idan Rozenblit from Taco Rosado! The rest of our reps all had just 1 point. So we went to the dreaded pulling of the name from a hat and my kids helped determine that our winner this week was……… Csaba Czako from Think with your Stick! Thanks again to all our team reps on behalf of Toronto Inline for all your hard work running your teams this season it’s greatly appreciated!!!

Week 9 – March 24

The beer store gift card promotion this week was for most points recorded by any player in their game. We actually had a TIE as Scott Armstrong from Easton Fection & Jacob Steinfeld each recorded 4 points on Saturday. So we had to go to our tie-breaker which was most goals and of the 4 points Jacob had 2 Goals & 2 Assists while Scott actually had all 4 Goals so based on that he is this weeks winner! Way to not pass and win the gift card anyways haha congrats Scott!

Week 8 – March 17

The beer store gift card promotion this week was having us turn our focus back to the goalies! It was quite simple; whichever goalie recorded the best GAA/allowed the least amount of goals on the day was our winner. So after 2 goalie contests this season we have Jeremy Chen from Taco Rosado picking up just as many wins recording a stingy 2.00GAA this week vs the Flyers to pick up another victory. Congrats on not just a great game but great season so far as Taco go for the back 2 back Fall/Winter league championships!

Week 7 – March 10

The beer store gift card contest for Week 7 was for the player who scored closest to the buzzer! It gave each guy 2 chances per game to get this done as you could score as the first period was almost over OR the second period was just beginning. Guys were really pushing hard to time that goal just right but no one did that better than Dylon Bates from Rico Suave who scored with a mere 30 seconds left in the 1st period! After that he anxiously watched the clock as the last few games finished up and to his excitement no one else was able to beat his time so Congrats Dylon the gift card is yours!

Week 6 – March 3

So after 2 weeks we finally had someone win our tricky yet challenging contest of recording 2 Goals, 2 Assists and helping lead their team to victory! So Congrats are in order to Marc Bolle (I swear it’s legit haha) from the Ninjas who had exactly 2 & 2 plus helping lead the Ninjas to a 8-1 victory over the shorthanded Flyers this past Saturday!

For our second contest this week we had multiple players tie for the lead for MOST GOALS. All someone had to do was get a hat trick to win but this never happened so the following players tied with 2 a piece (Ray Bramberger from Roller Busey; Scott Jones & Scott Armstrong from Easton Fection and Charbel Constantine; Karl Johnston and Marc Bolle from Ninjas). So we threw all 6 names in a hat and I let my kids pick one out so Congrats to our winner……………. Ray Bramberger from Roller Busey Express!

Week 4 & 5 – February 17 & 24

We ran 2 promotions this week and they were for the goalie who could carry the longest shutout streak to start their game and to the player who can complete these 3 tasks in their game… 1) Score 2 Goals… 2) Record 2 Assists… 3) Help lead his team to Victory!!! It seems like we had early goals in each game this week so either the goalies weren’t ready to play or the shooters came out flying. Surprisingly the winning goalie only had to carry his shutout for 7 mins and 13 seconds because he was scored upon with 12:47 left in the 1st period and that was good enough for the win so congrats to Jeremy Chen of Taco Rosado! For our other promo we had tons of guys SOOO close but no one was able to pull off all 3 tasks on the required checklist so we will try this promo again next week plus I will add another one too as I have to hand out all these gift cards to you guys 😊

Week 3 – February 10

Our Gift Card Contest this week was awarded to the player who recorded the MOST ASSISTS in their game. We had several guys notch lots of apples but no one had more than Kevek Rieder from the Cherry Pickers who put up an impressive 4 in his teams game. Due to your generosity of passing that ball around you are this weeks winter of the $25 Beer Store gift card – Congrats!

Week 2 – February 3

Our Gift Card Contest this week was awarded to the player who could score the FASTEST goal to start a game! We had a few right around the same minute or two but none were quicker than Mike Nagy of Roller Busey Express who sniped one home only 3:43 into the game to put his squad up 1-0 early AND earning him the fastest goal of the week. Congrats Mike and we’ll have that gift card for you at the arena this Saturday!

Week 1 – January 27

For our $25 Beer Store Gift Card Promotion this week we will be awarding the gift card to the player who scores a goal CLOSEST to the very end of the game BUT it must be on a goalie so none of those empty net goals count! After reviewing the scoresheets one player timed it almost to perfection as Phil Zuker from the Flyers scored a beauty of a goal with only 11 seconds left in the game against Easton Fection to win him this weeks prize! Well done Phil and we’ll have your gift card for you at the rink this Saturday!