Toronto Inline features seasons all-year round (Summer, Fall and Winter) with many divisions, each showcasing a deliver skill level. From beginner to advanced, you will find we have a space suited just for you.

Below is the schedule for the regular season! Playoffs will take place from July 31st to August 10th and the playoff schedule will be posted by July 28th (once the regular season games are completed)


2017 Summer Reguler Season Schedule

Tues May 23
7:00PM Canadian Classic 5 vs. Cherry Pickers 3
7:50PM Glazers 7 vs. Headshots 4
8:40PM PU Rollers 6 vs. Conch Masters 5
Wed May 24
7:00PM Kids 1 vs. All Stars 7
7:50PM Taco Supreme 6 vs. 6ix Kings 7
8:40PM Taco Rosado 1 vs. Riders on the Storm 2 (SO)
Thurs May 25
7:00PM Firestorm 7 vs. WTF 8
7:50PM Rico Suave 8 vs. Underdogs 3
8:40PM 2 Timing 1 Timers 8 vs. Turtle Snappers 4
9:30PM Ninjas 4 vs. Toronto Wonders 7
Mon May 29
7:00PM Riders on the Storm 3 vs. Toronto Wonders 4 (SO)
7:50PM Canadian Classic 1 vs. Rico Suave 9
8:40PM Kids 7 vs. Ninjas 0
Tues May 30
7:00PM All Stars 4 vs. Taco Rosado 6
7:50PM Headshots 6 vs. Taco Supreme 3
8:40PM 6ix Kings 1 vs. 2 Timing 1 Timers 6
9:30PM Conch Masters 4 vs. Turtle Snappers 2
Thurs June 1
7:00PM Glazers 3 vs. PU Rollers 11
7:50PM Cherry Pickers 5 vs. Firestorm 2
8:40PM Underdogs 7 vs. WTF 3
Mon June 5
7:00PM WTF 5 vs. Canadian Classic 7
7:50PM Kids 4 vs. Riders on the Storm 3 (SO)
8:40PM Firestorm 3 vs. Underdogs 6
Tues June 6
7:00PM Glazers 5 vs. Conch Masters 4
7:50PM Taco Rosado 2 vs. Toronto Wonders 3 (SO)
8:40PM Taco Supreme 4 vs. 2 Timing 1 Timers 2
Thurs June 8
7:00PM Turtle Snappers 0 vs. PU Rollers 13
7:50PM Headshots 5 vs. 6ix Kings 7
8:40PM Rico Suave 6 vs. Cherry Pickers 1
9:30PM Ninjas 6 vs. All Stars 2
Mon June 12
7:00PM All Stars 6 vs. Riders on the Storm 5
7:50PM Ninjas 6 vs. Taco Rosado 3
8:40PM 6ix Kings 7 vs. Taco Supreme 3
Tues June 13
7:00PM Toronto Wonders 9 vs. Kids 7
7:50PM Firestorm 7 vs. Canadian Classic 6
8:40PM Turtle Snappers 2 vs. Glazers 5
9:30PM Conch Masters 7 vs. PU Rollers 6 (SO)
Thurs June 15
7:00PM 2 Timing 1 Timers 3 vs. Headshots 4 (SO)
7:50PM WTF 9 vs. Rico Suave 8 (SO)
8:40PM Cherry Pickers 2 vs. Underdogs 6
Mon June 19
7:00PM Rico Suave 6 vs. Firestorm 3
7:50PM Taco Supreme 4vs. Headshots 6
8:40PM Taco Rosado 4 vs. Kids 3
Tues June 20
7:00PM Cherry Pickers 4 vs. WTF 2
7:50PM Canadian Classic 11 vs. Underdogs 7
8:40PM Glazers 2 vs. PU Rollers 12
9:30PM Turtle Snappers 9 vs. Conch Masters 4
Thurs June 22
7:00PM 2 Timing 1 Timers 2 vs. 6ix Kings 11
7:50PM Riders on the Storm 8 vs. Ninjas 3
8:40PM Toronto Wonders 2 vs. All Stars 6
Mon June 26
7:00PM Ninjas vs. Toronto Wonders
7:50PM Riders on the Storm vs. Taco Rosado
8:40PM 2 Timing 1 Timers vs. Taco Supreme
Tues June 27
7:00PM Cherry Pickers vs. Canadian Classic
7:50PM Kids vs. All Stars
8:40PM Conch Masters vs. Glazers
9:30PM Headshots vs. 6ix Kings
Thurs June 29
7:00PM PU Rollers vs. Turtle Snappers
7:50PM Rico Suave vs. Underdogs
8:40PM Firestorm vs. WTF
Tues July 4
7:00PM Rico Suave vs. Canadian Classic
7:50PM PU Rollers vs. Conch Masters
8:40PM Ninjas vs. Kids
9:30PM 2 Timing 1 Timers vs. Headshots
Wed July 5
7:00PM Riders on the Storm vs. Toronto Wonders
7:50PM Cherry Pickers vs. Firestorm
8:40PM Underdogs vs. WTF
Thurs July 6
7:00PM Turtle Snappers vs. Glazers
7:50PM Taco Supreme vs. 6ix Kings
8:40PM Taco Rosado vs. All Stars
Mon July 10
7:00PM Cherry Pickers vs. Rico Suave
7:50PM Underdogs vs. Firestorm
8:40PM Kids vs. Riders on the Storm
Tues July 11
7:00PM Taco Rosado vs. Toronto Wonders
7:50PM Taco Supreme vs. Headshots
8:40PM Conch Masters vs. Turtle Snappers
9:30PM Canadian Classic vs. WTF
Thurs July 13
7:00PM All Stars vs. Ninjas
7:50PM 6ix Kings vs. 2 Timing 1 Timers
8:40PM Glazers vs. PU Rollers
Mon July 17
7:00PM Toronto Wonders vs. Kids
7:50PM Rico Suave vs. WTF
8:40PM Cherry Pickers vs. Underdogs
Tues July 18
7:00PM Firestorm vs. Canadian Classic
7:50PM Glazers vs. Conch Masters
8:40PM Taco Supreme vs. 2 Timing 1 Timers
9:30PM Taco Rosado vs. Ninjas
Thurs July 20
7:00PM Headshots vs. 6ix Kings
7:50PM PU Rollers vs. Turtle Snappers
8:40PM Riders on the Storm vs. All Stars
Mon July 24
7:00PM Riders on the Storm vs. Ninjas
7:50PM Firestorm vs. Rico Suave
8:40PM Canadian Classic vs. Underdogs
Tues July 25
7:00PM All Stars vs. Toronto Wonders
7:50PM Kids vs. Taco Rosado
9:00PM 6ix Kings vs. Taco Supreme
9:50PM Conch Masters vs. PU Rollers
Thurs July 27
7:00PM 2 Timing 1 Timers vs. Headshots
7:50PM Glazers vs. Turtle Snappers
8:40PM Cherry Pickers vs. WTF